We have become dull to the miracle of photography.”

- Grant Romer


TheDagLab is one of only a handful of photography studios that produce authentic one-of-a-kind daguerreotypes. Able to produce sixth, quarter, half and full plate daguerreotypes directly from life whether they are wedding portraits, family portraits, or any type of portrait intended as keepsakes for the customer or his or her loved one.

A daguerreotype is a photographic image created directly on the surface of a sheet of silver plated metal, usually copper. The surface is polished to a mirror finish, which at first seems to make it tricky to view because the image appears as a negative. As the image is turned and viewed at the proper angle, it appears as a positive. This can make seeing the daguerreotype a little difficult but allows for a more one on one intimate viewing of the image. It’s a direct positive image, meaning there is no negative involved so it’s not reproducible like modern photography. Even though the daguerreotype process was the first practical form of photography announced to the world over 150 years ago, there is nothing in this modern time that equals its beauty or incredible detail.

The daguerreotype is more than just a photograph. It is a product of handcraft that entails working with metal, wood, glass, fabric, chemistry, electricity, and hand made tools – all of which require meticulous handling and care. Because the daguerreotype is created on a sheet of silver plated copper and placed under protective glass, the final piece has a delightful weight and ‘heft’ to it. These and other qualities allow a daguerreotype to stand alone from its subject matter and make it not just an image but an object of art.